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We, At New Jersey Professional Headshots, Just Completed Our 26th Year Of Business And Had Reflected Back On Our Career. We Realized How Now, In The Time Of Social Media And Photo Sharing On The Internet, The Picture Of Yourself Has Become So Much More Important Than It Did In The Past.

In The Past, We Were Like The Reality Show The Voice. We Would Send In A Resume, And That Would Be Our Blind Audition. That Is Not The Case Anymore.  When You Apply For A Job, Make A Sales Call Or Post An Article The First Time What Many People Do Is Google You. And There You Will See A Tightly Cropped Profile Photo Of You At A Party. Or Worse Yet, A Picture Of You On A Night Out With The Girls Or At A Game With Your Buddies With Those Big Red Solo Cups.

Where You Can Use Your Professional Headshots

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A professional Headshot Should Be Part Of Your Brand

Are You A Suit And Tie Type Of Person Or Casual Polo And Slacks? Your Photo Should Convey A Message Of How Their Experience Is Going To Be.  A Doctor Should Not Wear Casual Clothes Taken On A Golf Course To Gain The Confidence Of Their Patients, The Same Holds True For A Golf Pro Who Should Not Be In A Tuxedo In Front Of A Studio Background.  Work With A Professional Photographer Like New Jersey Professional Headshots. Spend A Little Time Chatting About Your Brand And The Message You Want To Convey Before Ever Stepping In Front Of The Camera.

Not Every Photographer

Is Qualified To Do Your professional Headshots. Headshot Photography Is A Specialty. You Should Choose Someone With The Right Equipment And Lens That Flatter You.  Do They Offer Someone To Do Makeup For Photography? Do You Have The Ability To Do Retouching That Makes You Look Like You And Not Over Or Under Done So When You Meet People Who Saw Your Photo They Recognize You? At  New Jersey Headshots We Offer A Real Natural Look To Our Headshots As Your Image Is Everything

Is it Time to Update

If You Are Thinking About Updating Your Headshot Or Improving Your Brand, Then Give Us A Call At  New Jersey Headshots 201-880-5400  Or Fill Out The Form Below To Set Up A Time To Chat And Let Us Help You Improve Your Image.

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Depending on the nature of your work, clothing recommendations may vary. For a more classic look, choose a favorite dark-colored suit paired with a shirt and tie to match. For both ladies and gentlemen, avoid bold patterns or loud colors that can distract from your face. Avoid bare arms or plunging necklines to achieve a polished and professional corporate look. On the other hand, if your business has a fun uniform, style, or niche, consider infusing some of that personality into your employee shots, keeping a consistent look and feel for each photo while still allowing each person’s individuality to come through.

Go ahead and try different outfits, i.e., one that’s casual and one that’s more professional. Doing this will give you more options to choose from for different purposes down the road if your needs change.  At New Jersey Professional Headshots, we will guide you through the steps to create that perfect image of you.