Sessions start at $75 

Session Includes —up to 30 minutes of shooting time and one look with plenty of photos to choose from and a private online gallery to select and share.

Files Starting at $75 Includes Basic Facial Blending and Light Retouching sized for print, web and Social Media.

We also offer  multi-person pricing for small and large companies and groups

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Headshot Pricing

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Headshot Pricing

Professional headshot prices near me is normally around $150. Depending on the photographer, you should expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 for a professional headshot. Local variations in the cost of professional headshot photography are not uncommon in headshot pricing. Some may offer Headshot packages as well.

General Costs

How much are professional headshot Prices depends on the location, the photographer’s expertise and skill level, how many outfits you wear, and how long the session lasts. 

Headshots for Business

The composition of a business headshot is the same as that of a standard headshot.

For a business headshot, the objective is to show professionalism, as the photo will most likely be used as their corporate website or LinkedIn profile image.

A Professional Headshot Requires What?

Wear business attire if you’re getting a professional headshot, and don’t forget to smile! This will help you keep your brand consistent.

Wearing something that you ordinarily wouldn’t wear is part of this. The more comfortable and calm you are during the photo shoot, the better your corporate headshots will turn out, which is always a good thing.


Exactly what is a theatrical headshot?
This type of headshot is specifically designed to land a role on the big screen or in a television program or movie production. When it comes to theatrical headshots, you want to get a sense of the actor’s character. Most theatrical headshots display some emotional depth, whereas commercial headshots tend to offer a more neutral expression. To effectively market a product, having a trustworthy image in commercial headshots is a must. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a trustworthy or untrustworthy personality type in your theatrical headshots..

A commercial headshot is what?

Commercial headshots near me are meant to attract the attention of the advertising sector. Commercials are designed to target a certain audience.

You need to think about what demographic you fit into while taking a commercial headshot.

Only a few seconds are given to make an emotional connection with the audience, therefore commercial personality types must be immediately discernible. Is your driving style more sophisticated, or more like that of a college student driving a tiny car?

What is the true age of your persona? The geeky, quirky office worker or the hipster phone commercial? Your headshot should always highlight your individuality. Commercial headshots, on the other hand, are geared at a far larger audience. If you have more than one person ask if they offer group headshot pricing

Custom Headshot Pricing

Most photographers are more than ready to customize a quotation for their Headshot pricing your specific needs and budget. Some photographers, also offer hair and makeup services for an additional fee if needed.

After your headshot shoot, most photographers will spend some time digitally enhancing your photographs. You can even make a terrible skin tone appear decent with a little bit of Photoshop editing.

The estimated headshot pricing should already includes the cost of this work. Headshots are often sent in one of three ways: as a digital download, as a USB/thumb drive, or as physical printouts.   You can examine and select them through the photographer’s website or in person, depending on your preference.

You shouldn’t expect to be free to do anything you want with the photographs once you download them. You must pay royalties and commercial fees if you wish to use the photographs for any commercial purpose, and the photographer retains the rights to the images. Only if the images were taken by a member of your staff would this rule not apply.

Editing of a headshot

Today’s headshots are so advanced that you won’t even need to order printouts in the vast majority of cases. Most of the time, you’ll simply need digital files. You have the option of receiving them either edited or un-edited.

An edited or retouched final image is the aim of every headshot session. White balance, exposure, and contrast should be the bare minimum in a retouched photograph. Retouching of the skin, hair, and clothes is standard practice for professional photographers. Skin modification is a viable option for professional headshots. Skin retouching in acting headshots should be kept to an absolute minimum. They want to see exactly what you look like, no matter how much or how little you look like. Just for skin discolouration, zits and maybe some makeup repair, there should be no other retouching. Don’t go overboard!

Retouching costs can vary widely depending on the photographer and whether or not they charge by the session or by the Look model. If they charge a session fee, expect to pay between $50 and $100 for each restored photograph. Additional retouches cost ranging from $25 to $50 for Look photographers.