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Corporate Photographer

David Eric Photography  corporate photographer provides photography for use in corporate image development, sustainability reports, corporate image libraries, marketing collateral, editorial content, and corporate branding projects. We specialize in corporate portraiture and business lifestyle photography, which along with his story-telling abilities and technical skills create a cohesive narrative of your work environment across campaigns.that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

As a Corporate Photographer

 in New Jersey, we understand what a business leader symbolizes and what your story communicates, so the images reflect the company narrative. We also provide state of the art digital skills and resources to deliver a finished product on a deadline, whether for large production shoots or a simple a corporate event where we send images on location for live social media feeds. we are also accustomed to collaborating with art directors, communications professionals and creatives who are seeking the right corporate photographer in New Jersey for their design projects, branding concepts, annual reports, and design collateral.

Corporate Portraiture

If you are looking for corporate portraiture, we create clean, well-lit studio and environmental portraits for your company’s media and websites; in office, studio and outdoor settings. Corporate headshots should distinguish corporate leadership, so their portraits don’t look like your competitor’s portraits. There is a range of options that we can draw from to distinguish your leadership.

The New Jersey Business Community

is very competitive so branding differentiation is important to corporate identity. As a corporate photographer we collaborate with businesses and designers to create signature business content to meet your branding goals. For instance, a medical device company or design firm may want a more stylized look than a traditional corporate headshots and a law firm or financial institution might want more conservative portraits.

Offering a wide range of

digital retouching and post-production solutions. For example, if an employee cannot attend a group photograph, but you need to have all subjects appear in one picture together, we can solve this in post-production. Additionally, we can swap out backgrounds for portrait shot in a studio. Please call us about our solutions.

Corporate Photography Pricing

Corporate photography rates are on a project-by-project basis, but we are competitive with New Jersey corporate photographer of equal merit. If you would like to see more examples of corporate lifestyle or portrait photography, we will put up a web gallery with more images for consideration.

A Corporate photographer captures the photography used to promote a business and the activities that they are involved in. As a corporate photographer, we work with a company to help create and promote their brand, products, and services. Much of their work involves taking portraits and headshots. Still, they also show the side of the business the general public and your clients do not get to see, creating trust in your brand’s reputation that you don’t want to overlook because it can be crucial in differentiating you from the competition.

When we take on corporate work, it is essential to understand your vision and style and photo requirements. Will the images be used on a website? How will they be displayed on the website? Does everyone need to face a specific direction? Do all the images need to be uniform in height or crop, tone (serious or playful)? This is all-important to promote your brand in its best.

With a detailed plan and a schedule prepared ahead of time, we can execute at the highest level on the shoot day. Taking employees and resources away from work is costly for companies, so the corporate photographer must respect the set timetables. Often, company executives and employees have very brief windows for their shoot, and the corporate photographer should ensure that they stay on schedule.

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